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Genuine Vehicle Accessories - McLaren Osaka

Every McLaren is created special, but owners still want to put their own stamp on their cars, to tailor them to match their own tastes. MSO Defined offers a range of personalisation beyond the factory options packages for Super Series and Sports Series owners, with choices for other models to follow. These enable owners to both customise the appearance of their cars, with carbon fibre parts and accents, but also to improve performance with aerodynamic kits and lightweight components.

Extended Carbon Fibre Paddles

Details count, and the gear-change paddles are one of the most important tactile interfaces of any McLaren. These optional carbon paddles are longer and ergonomically formed to make them easier to reach and operate.

Formula 1™ - Inspired Shift Lights

Produced in response to demand from track day enthusiasts, these Formula 1™-inspired shift lights are a popular choice for those who want to take their 650S to the limit. They illuminate progressively as the engine approaches its red line, and brightly enough to be seen without taking your eyes off the road. 

Paul Mackenzie, Executive Director of MSO said: 

'We don’t just do styling changes. There is real engineering substance behind the work carried out by the MSO team. We’re an engineering and design operation, as well as offering extra levels of hand craftsmanship.’

Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

This lightweight rear diffuser is part of a full aerodynamic kit, which was first offered on the 650S MSO and is now available for other versions. Not only does it look great, but it also saves weight and improves performance.

Carbon Fibre Air Vents

Personalisation means the ability to change small things, not just big things. You will find carbon-effect trim in many cars, but in a McLaren carbon fibre is always the real thing.

Carbon Fibre Mirror Arms

Carbon fibre is stronger than steel or aluminium and weighs far less. MSO Defined components, like carbon fibre mirror arms or full carbon fibre rear deck, don’t just look good but reduce weight too.